Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Swing For the Fairies

We know that fairies love to play, so we created this fun swing for them to use in our fairy garden!

First we started with a small role of inexpensive reed fence (home supply stores), some clippers, glue and half of a small log (made for a reptile cage, available at pet stores). 

We clipped off pieces of reed and glued them to each corner of the log. Then we cut four smaller pieces and glued them together side by side to make the swing. Lastly we chose 3 colors of embroidery floss and braided them together to create a rope of the swing to sway on. 

We wrapped the cord around the swing, and secured it with craft glue. We also glued it to the top two corners of one side of the log. 

Lastly, after patiently waiting for the glue to dry, we chose some flowers from the yard. We thought fuchsias and purple clovers would look nice with the colors we'd chosen for the ropes.

We can't wait to add this fun piece to our garden for the fairies to enjoy! 

Thanks for stopping by!

1 comment:

  1. I need a whole fairy garden tutorial at some point... and a willow hut tutorial... and a whole turn-your-boring-garden-into-a-garden-with-atmosphere tutorial. You are going to be awesome at this! YAY!


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