Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Dried Apple Garland Tutorial

For a fun and festive touch of fall, create your own dried apple garland!

A few days ago, I found myself with an abundance of apples, so I decided to make canned applesauce. But, during the process I came up with another idea.
Using slices of apples, I made a dried apple garland to decorate our home.




Here's the How To:


I cut slices directly around the core. So that they would be easier to string I made them pretty thick. They were roughly 1/4" to 1/8' thick. I tried to keep them as uniform as possible. 

I alternated which direction I cut the apples, sometimes slicing them longways (so that to stem remained). Other times I cut from the side, in order to reveal the star shape made by the seeds.


Then I lined cookie sheets with parchment paper and laid the slices out.

Then I placed them in the oven, on a low 240 degree heat.

While they were baking I used the time to make canned applesauce (link to that post)

The apple slices need to bake for a long time. After about 1 1/2 hours I pulled them out and flipped them all over.

Then I let them bake for about 2 more hours. I checked them periodically to be sure they weren't getting too dry. You want them to still feel a little spongy. If they are too dry, then you wont be able to thread them later, because they will just crack.
Finally, remove the cookie sheets from the oven and allow them to cool for a few minutes.


To thread the dried apples together I used a large sewing needle and embroidery thread. 

Tie several knots at the end to keep the apples in place, and gently push the needle through the slices.

Sometimes I alternated between sliced that had been cut longways, and slices that had been cut sideways.

Finish off the end with another couple of knots, hang, and enjoy!

Over time they will slowly dry even more, and soon you will have a beautifully preserved garland to enjoy!

I love the way the sunlight makes the star at the center of the apples glow.

Left-Overs Idea

I ended up with way more dried apples than I needed for this project (I made a lot of applesauce!). But rather than tossing them, I decided to use them in our autumn "nature table" display.

Stack dried slices on wooden plates and trays, or place them in a bowl with acorns for a delightful seasonal display!

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  1. These would look great in our big windows in the living room! I have got to try this - Thanks!


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