Monday, November 3, 2014

A Black Ceiling? Absolutely!

What's one way to jazz up a boring room? Look up! Create an elegant black ceiling easily.

Black ceiling

We were blessed to have a large bedroom with tall ceilings in our last house. But, something about it just didn't feel right.

Even after painting the walls a soft yellow, the room still felt sterile and uninviting.

There were interesting architectural details built into the ceiling, but the monochromatic color scheme made them disappear. (Please excuse the laundry basket and baby gate in the photo above. Real life sneaks into my photos sometimes!)

I needed a change, and it needed to be bold! Typically interior designers will advise against dark ceilings, claiming that it makes the room feel smaller. But, in this case I decided to break the rules.

Since we had some black furniture in the room I painted the ceiling a dramatic flat black. The result was a fantastic black bedroom ceiling!

Black Ceiling

Suddenly the room felt inviting. The lovely crown molding and raised ceilings came into focus. The space transformed from boring to interesting.
Great things can happen when you use your artistic license the break the rules of design!

Black bedroom Ceiling

Thank you for stopping by, and remember to be bold! Try creating your own romantic and dramatic space with a black bedroom ceiling!

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