Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Easy Summer Decor

I know it's not officially summer yet. But, the kids are out of school, and we're all ready for summer to start!

So, I decided it was time to pack up my spring decorations and create some new ones for summer. After the frills and flowers of my spring decor, I really wanted my summer decorations to be clean, light and simple.
Because it was easy and quick, I went with a beach/ nautical theme.

One of the first things I did was dress up some glass vases with jute rope. I found my rope at the craft store, but you could probably find it for less at a hardware store.

Then I simply hot glued the rope around the base of each vase.

I wound the rope around the vases, gluing as I went. This was vey easy and quick.

This could be used on a multitude of glass containers. You could use interesting bottles, mason jars or even inexpensive cups.

Then, using this tutorial as my guide, I created a beachy monotone wreath.

This turned out to be very time consuming, and (for me personally) dangerous! While cutting a stack of fabric, I slipped and cut my finger with my sewing scissors. Four stitches later, I'm here to tell the tale.
So, please be careful!

I used 3 old sheets (from the goodwill) for this project. They weren't exaclty the same color. So, as one shade of white neared the next I began "blending in" pieces of the next shade. That way they would fade into one another. This project took a total of 1000 dressmaker pins.

And: 1 white foam wreath.

Then I made another wreath for our front door. This one went much faster!

This was just plain brown paper (folded into thirds), wrapped and then hot glued onto a styrofoam wreath. I have a big roll of brown paper that I use for all kinds of things.

 (if you don't want that much paper, here is a smaller one, or you could even use grocery bags).

The shells and driftwood are from the craft supply store (or you could just find some at the beach!).

While at the craft supply store, I saw these plain wood blocks. I love using natural materials, and wanted to work them into my summer decorations. So, I just decided to paint letters on them, and to spell out "summer". Then I added them to my display them on the mantel.

I freehanded the letters using acrylic paint (titanium white). Then to bring out the woodgrain I polished them using my homemade Beeswax polish.

Then I went around the house gathering things that were beach related or matched my grey/ light wood pallet. I arranged them on the mantel.

The large mirror came from Target (similar color framed mirror).

I have a big glass bowl that I also like to change with each season. For summer I decided to make it into an "under sea" scene. I decided to fill it with some sand (from the kids sandbox out back!), shells, coral, artificial succulents and driftwood. If I can find a way to add "fish" (without it looking too hokey), I'd like to do that too.

I used a round rope mirror (similar) as a backdrop, and added a pair of fake plants from Ikea in a grey-green tone.

Then came to really easy part! If you're not a crafter, this is one thing you can do to add a summer decorations without having to make anything! I just took some more shells and scattered them through the house.

I sprinkled them onto shelves and in bookcases.
*Also something to note... I like to organize my books by shape and color.

I even tucked them into this wreath.

Then, I combined shells with interesting worn wood. For similar wood, try your pet store's reptile supply section. This particular piece was meant to go in a lizard's cage!

Or, an online supplier of natural materials is save-on-crafts. They have great prices (but will get you on the shipping, so check to see if they have a location near you where you can pick up your order).

That's all!
Thank you for stopping by, and have fun with your summer decorations!

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  1. Hi Hayley,
    You are SO AMBITIOUS! I love all of your summer decorating projects, especially the hemp-wrapped vases, and appreciate that you took the time to show us how to make them. Sorry your wreath project caused you to need stitches...that's real dedication! I love starfish too and enjoy using them in my home as well. We live on the Maine coast (I can see the water from our house) so I'm always trying to find uses for shells and sea glass. You've given me lots of ideas.
    Have a great weekend,

  2. Hi again,
    Forgot to mention that I'm a former teacher too...retired from special education two years ago. Come visit me sometime at my blog, 22 Applegate Lane!


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