Thursday, July 9, 2015

Monochromatic Gardening

When designing a garden it can be tough to know where to begin. There are so many options! One way to narrow down the choices and create an aesthetically pleasing space, is to create a monochromatic garden.

For this garden I chose violet, but you can pick any color. Maybe it was the purple car I drove for 16 years, or maybe it's just because it's pretty, but for some reason I've always appreciated the color purple.


Here are some ideas is you too decide to create a purple garden...

The first and easiest thing to look for will likely be plants with violet hues flowers. Morning Glories are easy to grow and offer vibrant purple blooms. They reseed easily, but will take over small spaces, so give them plenty of room to climb.

Another great climber with purple accents is a Passion Flower (pictured below). These cartoonish flowers are a delight!

Salvias are hearty, don't need much water and come in a variety of purple shades.

Sweet Peas

Look for unexpected sources of color, like these Artichokes.

When left unharvested Artichokes will put on a brilliant show of vibrant purple color.

I also like to chose my flowers based on the season they bloom. By staggering them to bloom in different seasons you can create year-round interest.

Now that it's summer, my Hollyhocks and Dahlias are both in full bloom.

But as soon as fall comes, Mums and Asters steel the show.

Another thing to look for is colored foliage.

The leaves of this Japanese Maple provide two seasons of deep plum color.

Clovers and Decorative Kale are also excellent for providing purple leaves.

Lastly, look for even the subtlest of purples. The silvery violets of Lavender and Lamb's Ears work well in a monochromatic garden.

My favorite on-line nursery is Annie's Annuals. I have has good luck with their plants, and their catalog always includes a little bit of quirky humor, which I appreciate!

Thanks for stopping by, and happy gardening!

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  1. Very nice! Love your garden. I did one garden as a purple scheme and love how it looks. Not just colors but textures too. It's like putting together a painting huh?

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